Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Ultimate Christmassy Episode List

1. Vicar of Dibley - The Christmas Lunch Incident
"Right... you carry on!" One of my fave eps by the Vic, flavoured by the realistic concept of the possiblity of this actually happening.

2. The OC - The Best Christmukkah Ever
Classic OC with Seth being nerdily cool and Ryan being hot and brooding. It almost makes me wish I was part Jewish too, except if Peter Gallagher was my dad I'd have to wax my eyebrows more often.

3. Seinfeld -  The Strike
They really should have retitled this episode as The Festivtus, what, with Mr Costanza's Feats of Strength and Festivtus Pole, nonetheless one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes, and without a doubt, the most Christmassy of them all.

4. The Late Show - Shop Santa
Robert de Niro's early work - scaring children while dressed as Santa... "Will that make you happy, is that what you want?" Classic.

5. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
"Give me a P!" "P!" You can always rely on on Bart to ruin some special occasion, this time by burning down the Christmas tree.

6. Vicar of Dibley - Happy New Year 2005
Another one, but a goody - the crew buy Geraldine a speedating session with rather... uhh... interesting results. They had good intentions, really.

Horrible Mention: Degrassi Junior High - Season's Greetings
The worst Christmas episode is also the worst flashback episode ever. Whenever I think of corny flashback TVs, I first think of The Simpsons, and then of this revolting episode. Degrassi gets most things right, this was one of their few mistakes. On the upside, we do get to meet Emma (Spike's daughter) for the first time <3

TV Midnight Movie: Beaches
Now, not strictly a Christmas movie, but still some great carolling scenes and some crying at the end. "You are the wind beneath my wings..." Baaah, it gets me everytime.