Tuesday, 12 April 2016

From the Archives 2010: The Ten Best Lessons

So I've learnt a lot about myself as a learner over the last few weeks. And I've been reflecting on some of the best lessons I had at primary school. Here goes.

1. Prep: The Five Senses
Mrs Smith had us sit in a circle and everyone had a spoon. We got to taste about ten different things - lemons and milo were the two that stand out the most. It was probably the coolest lesson ever. (Also, she made us a cubby made entirely from Sungold milk cartons, the white and blue ones. No other class was as cool as us.)

2. Grade 2: Trains
Mrs Weeks decided that since we were learning about trains, we would have our own train outside the classroom. We sat at a carriage (okay, a table with four people) and did our work for the day.

3. Grade 3: Christian Studies
Mrs Tucker made us act out Bible stories a lot, and I remember one day she asked a question along the lines of "How do miracles happen?" I replied "Believe in God." She said "Not just believe, but trust in God." I've never forgotten it, she was totally on to something there.

4. Grade 3: PE
Mrs Snook taught us bush dancing for an entire term. I'm a bush dancing nut, totally adore it and never remember the steps. There will be dancing in my classroom! and the Queensland Backstep!

5. Year 4: Reading
I loved Miss Fiebiger, but I pretty much only remember her reading us about 4 Roald Dahl books, and not much of anything else. Once she took us out to the oval before the MPH was built and it was just a field with lawn daisies. And she also had sunflower pants which were kinda cool. I never understood her jelly bean obsession though.

6. Year 5: Robin Klein Author Study
Mr Wundersitz had us study Robin Klein's work for an entire term. I was in reading heaven, she was (and is) one of my favourite authors. The only thing which really disappointed me was that we sent her letters and she never wrote back. Or maybe Mr Wundersitz never sent them. But I kind of hope he did.

7. Year 6: Maths
Mrs Jennings had us design our ultimate holiday, no budget, we just had to add all the costs and make lists. Adding and lists make me happy. And I have memories of Jason singing "I want to be nice to the birds and bees, I want recyclable cartons please" with references to what the birds & the bees really meant. Though this has nothing to do with the lesson; I've just never really got over it.

8. Year 7: Keyboarding
Mr Uebergang was pretty much the most awesome teacher ever. Anyway, since there was one computer for the whole class, we had a keyboard worksheet and had to practice touch typing with this piece of paper every Tuesday before lunch. I can hear it in my head now: "fff, jjj. ddd, kkk."

9. Year 7: Christian Studies
Mr U. invited pastors from four churches to share about baptism and how it is done in their tradition. We had to take notes, but even now I'm highly impressed these guys took time out of their day to come and talk to us.

10. Year 7: Design and Technology
Kite making - we had some special guests come in and teach us how to make kites out of Just Jeans bags. It's probably the one and only time I got a kite to fly. And one of the few times my D&T work was actually successful.