Saturday, 2 April 2016

From the Archives 2010: Honestly.

I've been really grappling with a few issues over the last six months or so, a lot of it about how the Christian life impacts my lifestyle and those of the people around me. And in this note I've decied to be completely honest.

Honestly, I spend more money at the gym than I give in my tithe and offering. I go out most weekends, without intentions to drink, and yet others see this as being influenced by the world. I'm pro choice. I have gay friends, and I don't see any issue with people of the gay community being fully invovled within churches. I'm not a massive fan of the God Mania, I don't believe in Youth Alive charging kids to go to their rallies, especially when a church hosts it. I'm not particularly pro-Hillsong, I hate that many of the bigger churches use money to spam your letterbox. I believe in ecology for the sake of God, but I also don't believe that if you don't believe in 7-day-new-earth Creation that you're not a true Christian. I like altar calls, I don't like the way they're done most of the time. I think accountablity is a load of croc much of the time. I have always felt inadequate because I am not musically talented, and can't be a part of worship teams (unless they are very desperate). I hate theological debates, and yet if I bow out of one the Christians will heckle me more than the debater will.

Why is it that we feel that we need to conform to this Christian lifestyle? What gives pastors and those in leadership the right to tell us what we can and can't do with our Saturday nights, with our money and with our relationships?

What I'm saying is simple. It isn't about conforming to the lifestyle which people have created as the "cool new Christian thing" to do. It is really about getting serious. Grappling with God about the big stuff is better than giving in to what the church (or your friends, pastors, leaders... etc) wants you to do. and why's that? Because we were called not to live a blind faith. We have to make our own decisions, based on our own relationship with God. What I believe is to be true, and what you believe may be completely opposite, and that's okay. I don't know everything, and I'm sure that as time goes on, most of my opinions will dramatically change.

Maybe I'm a radical, or maybe you'll rather believe that I'm misguided and unbiblical. If you do, that's cool. I'm not here to debate. I'm just here to put it out there. Honestly. Maybe some of what I've said will help you feel less alone in this Christian life. I sincerely hope it does.

As a disclaimer: I have been honest. I haven't gone into extensive detail about the issues I've outlined. If you want to know more about where I'm coming from: ask me. I don't mind being put on "the spot", especially on Facebook. Once again: I don't have all the answers. I don't claim to either.