Monday, 18 April 2016

From the Archives 1998: Who Am I? (at age 12)

I found this in my Christian Studies book and the majority of it is remarkably true:

18th November 1998
Make a list of things you like about yourself
  • I like the way get on really well with my parents
  • My sense of humour (even if it is a bit silly)
  • I like liking to read (no one tells me to read more books)
  • I'm good at drama
  • I like the friends I choose to have
  • I don't stay in a bad mood too long
  • I get up early in the morning!
  • I don't get bored too easily
  • I write in my diary every day!
  • I'm able to pick up bargains while shopping!
Make a list of thgings you dislike about yourself
  • I get too tired
  • I'm shy when I'm around people I don't know
  • I hate telling personal secrets
  • I really dislike my face
  • Not being able to save money
  • I'm too loud and silly
  • Not being able to make big decisions
  • I read too much

(I have to say I agree with most of those things, except for the face thing, but I did write this during the four-month period during which I had a massive pimple on my nose. Now I have a freckle there, which is notably less embarrassing!)