Sunday, 20 March 2016

About formula feeding.

It makes me so incredibly sad when people post requests that other women don't judge them for not breastfeeding. And yet, there is always, ALWAYS that one or two women who try and scare them into not using formula.

And, honestly, sometimes I worry what people think of me when I'm making up a bottle in public. No one is saying 'wow, it's great that you're not breastfeeding in public', because social media is constantly slamming those who challenge breastfeeding mums. That's awful too, but I honestly feel that this generation is changing. People don't feel free to ask questions or even admit that they are using formula because some bossy woman tells you you're ruining your child's "virgin gut" or dropping their IQ by 3 points or whatever they believe is true.

Bottle feeding is the best decision I made in terms of Natalie's health and development. I can tell you about my low supply, about being ridiculously medicated, about sitting with a pump to only produce 10ml after an hour. I can also tell you how happy, how less fussy and how much Natalie has skyrocketed up the percentile chart. My mental health is better for it also.

This is a great article if you are at all interested: