Wednesday, 10 February 2016

From the Archives 2013: One of the few and many reasons why I'm a bit weird - I hate stuff.

Here's a somewhat definitive list of things I hate. And hating these things means I'm just a little bit weird.

1. I hate... Friends
As in the TV show. Yes, really. Everyone seems to freaking love this show. I hate it. Overquoted, stupid characters (the one good looking one is Matt le Blanc and Joey is a complete idiot), endless comparisons between myself and poor Phoebe and seemingly neverending, I cannot put into words why I don't like Friends. I just don't. I can't like it. I have tried and I have... well... failed.

2. I hate... over-enthusiasm
"Can everyone say *insert Biblical reference word hear*?" I have often said perkiness annoys me (though often it becomes endearing). Spending too much time in certain churches has made feel feel a little... well, frustrated at the hyped-up-emotive-atmosphere. And yes, I have sat through a sermon on Atmosphere and if you don't believe me, ask Jem because she heard all about it afterwards. I may also still have sermon notes somewhere.

3. I hate... people who don't get it.
I am confused easily and sometimes I don't remember things. But it doesn't matter who it is, if I get something and know who how it works, your lack (and usually because of indifference) infuriates me no end.

4. I hate... anything supernatural
Other than cartoon ghosts, don't bother me with anything which is not something God related. Don't give me ghost stories, spirits, spells or any of that crap. Not only does it hurt my poor little brain, I also don't like thinking about such things when I'm not covered by prayer and protection. Step back kids. I can't handle that one.

5. I hate... people selling me stuff
I recently tore strips off someone trying to sell me an Amnesty sponsorship (which I already have) after they heckled me THREE times on THREE separate occasions. Maybe mocking your would-be customers might score you some points, but I am actually at the point where I'll be withdrawing my support.

6. I hate... unsupervised children. and screaming ones.
I don't have kids, so all my mum friends can give me hell for this one. I hate unsupervised kids in supermarkets, shopping centres or anywhere else where someone should actually be keeping an eye on them. And kids who chuck tanties over lollies. This probably comes from the days of working in supermarkets where some poor fed-up mum would say to her three year old who was sooking "Mum's going now, bye" and walk off really slowly. Once this did not work and the kids was standing with me for five minutes. Don't worry kid, I would have happily have taken you home.

7. I hate... "there are calls for..."
Calls for what? Less spending? More taxes? Less taxes? Mums to stay at home? Dads to be better dads? And who makes this call? Some small research committee at a university who wants their 15 minutes of fame on Sunrise. This is why I try not to watch Sunrise anymore.

8. I hate... Andrew O'Keefe
He is SO annoyingm fake and arrogant. And what is with Deal or No Deal? Seriously! There must be better stuff on television.

9. I hate... status updates which may or may not be in reference to myself or a friend or a friend of a friend
Why do people keep doing this? Facebook is a public forum. Way to lose friends and alienate people.

10. I hate... Queen. Kylie. Madonna.
Okay, so maybe there might be one or two songs by Queen I don't mind, but these three are my least favourite artists. Possibly because Queen and Madge were flogged by AM radio growing up, and still are today. Kylie's songs are completely boring. No no no no. Boo to you I say.

There are a lot of things I love, and I'll post them up soon. I feel so much better having wrote this note. A lot of the time I will say to someone 'I hate ____' and they will say 'well, don't tell ___'. Luckily my friends are (generally speaking) gracious enough to love me, regardless of my lack of love for those things they love. So much love.