Friday, 26 February 2016

From the Archives 1999-2001: My box of letters.

Sadly, I have not felt the need to hold onto many of these gems, but they are forever with us in cyberspace.

In response to Julieanne's question, I never had Mr Peake, and you'll hear why that's a good thing below.

I ad apple in my hair because the stupid Year Tens used to throw stuff at us when we were in Year 8, including chocolate milks (they were $1 form the canteen so a good investment) and, apparently, apples.

I also had to edit some of these, because, I have some kind of ethics.

Carrying on with the high school reunion theme tonight. Here are some heavily edited letters from certain people (mostly Jules. Also, Jules is bloody hilarious, especially when she doesn’t mean to be). If I didn’t cut them down this post would be too long and be filled with info on how boring maths is – haha! Enjoy. 

From Julieanne:
To Frizzy, are you? I’m fine but I’m watching ‘a bug’s life’ it is so good but rowan is sooooooooo much cuter and sexier. U love DimSim.
...I am so mad (pissed off) with Haylee and Amy. They are such a bitch. ... I love PC+SH
...I would do a spell and make him fall in love with me and then go out with me.
...I hate Mr Peake. Have you ever had him? You don’t want him.
...I dare you something. Ask _____ if he is gay and then say it is from James. Ok thanks.
...Do you know that james loves Haylee? It is rumour going around the school.
...Top 5 Guys: 1) rowan, 2) Simon, 3) Vic, 4) Rowan, 5) Simon.
...Write me a list at the people you like and write everything you like about them. Ok. PS- write back.

From Bianca:
...Have you seen terri’s socks? They are pink&yellow & they say “Groovy Chick!”

From Amy:
...Hi, how are ya? Me I’m ok. Now, who do I like?
James: no!
Simon: I will not say
Tim: NO!
And who is D? I have to know. I will get on my knees and beg. Love Amy.

From Haylee:
...Well you have told me who you like/love and now I have to tell you who I like .............. I can’t because I don’t like anyone but there might be someone I like but I don’t know who it is yet.
...I really like those nicknames we made up particularly Big Bird and Bad Taster!

From Shane:
Dea lisa, how are you? Hi apple hair. Sorry! Frizzles! How are you going? Do you like Simmo? From Shane

From Ashleigh:
...I’m waiting for the nightzone to play my song. I said hi to you, Haylee, BJ & Rowan. Did you hear it? If you didn’t, don’t worry, I have it on tape! Simon rang me twice tonight, once before Charmed and once during Charmed – HOW RUDE!

From Terri:
...I’m Groovy Chick or Tez, you’re Frizz or Lucy & Biance is Tiny Chick, B or BP. {Haylee was BC – bad Chick.} we don’t have food/nut today. Got 2 go. Write longer next time. Love Tez (G.C.)