Friday, 19 February 2016

From the Archive 2009: Journal quotes

Almost a year old is this journal, and I thought I'd share a few interesting musings and quotations from that which is 'Eco Notebook diary'.

- "Be the change you want to see in the world!" Spring/Summer 2009-2010

- Tonight: Jon was dressed like a hobo, he borrowed Sy's shirt. Jon dances like an idior, NOR decided to go to Charlton's. Played pool, danced, some girl spat water in Jon's face. Jeff=sweetheart, we're corrupting him.

- "Not once, not twice, but thrice mother!" - Narelle

- Date=-fizzer. But there's always plenty more fish in the sea. or something like that.

- <3 too many many to count or think about.

- Unsure. Unclear. Unknown. (Everything, including whether I miess him or not. U can say that 2 times.)

- Success is not to be measured by the position one stands, but by the obstacles which one has overcome - Booker T Washington

-"I'd tell those parents to stick it where the sun don't shine!" - the Notebook

- "Oh le George! Bonjour le George! We'll stuff le George in le locker!"

- Time will tell (time sucks!)

- "I bought something for someone I love today. It cost me a lot, but I didn't want anyone else to have it." - Kelly taylor

- Love Tom Hansen. I'd marry him, if he was real (that's possibly the lamest thing I ever wrote.)

- Slammed my fingers in the bathroom door. Bloody hurts! !#?#!x1000

- Things I dream of: City 2 Bay 2010, roller derby. size 10, GG. my bed being put back together, holidays to Queensland, winning on the scratchies, KFC and eating said KFC.

- People I love: Spring, Jen, Jess, Ros.... Ex boyfriends I'm not mad with: ________ (this space intentionally left blank)

- "Keen as beans - hahahahahaha"

- God has a very good point."

- Sleepies for the Frizz.

- Love my staff, but some are just drama-infused

- Crush Record: Wins: Lisa: 10, Boys: 7, Gay Guys: 1.

- "And we all like the snakes the best!"