Thursday, 25 February 2016

From the Archieves 2001: Something from my journal.

 I really don't know what to say bout this one, other than the make up thing and the Baywatch story still make me laugh. I really did have the bestest friends ever (uhhh eva?) when I was 15.

Welcome back 'Blah'! my year 10 diary which was called 'Blah' because 'Blah' was written all over it when I bought it from Woolies. I can vividly remember the purchase even. So here goes.

{things in these brackets are my extra info bits}

{dodgy spellin and grammar left intact. Note Sim's literary masterpiece for a good example of non-editing.}

I have lots of things glued in which I've added for quality viewing. Most of this blog is about Rowan and Simon, no Haylee once again because we were fighting. But there's a token bogus email in here to Ashleigh which the girls and I wrote, but not sure whether we sent it to you or not. Anyways. Enjoy.

Dear Blah,
I'm in Italian and Rowan keeps talking about when he went to this party at the beach. He and another girl were playing 'Baywatch'. The chick was CJ and he was Mitch... Then after telling this story he said he was 14 at the time! hehehe!
Love ya, Lisa xoxo

Dear Blah.
On the way back from Italian, Rowan and I kept talking about Jenny Craig.
At the assembly, somone said "Do you get picked on because of your weight?" and we were like 'James!"
{sorry bro!!}

Dear Blah,
...{I crap on about being sick then} I came home and had a big sleep and then mum took me to Simon's. We ordered pizza for tea and watched "Milo and Otis", "Hollow Man" and "X-Men". It was okay.
{Simon claimed in all seriousness that he watched 'Milo and Otis' whenever he had a sick day from school. I have never got over this. Also, the next day he had three hot dogs for breakfast. I never got over that either.}

hey Blah!
{more rubbish about the daily workings of a 15 year old who works at KFC and wishes she was back with her ex boyfriend, haha}
So now I'm at church, I'm a bit of a nigel but oh well. Now I am going to write about my friendz. here are their bios;
Simon Howley
My bestest friend at school. he knows everything about my life since I was 13 {woot, two years! true though. I still love him muchly}. He's tall with spikey brown hair and blonde streaks. he's ticklish too!
Julieanne Schubert
One of my bestes buds from school. She likes Sim, Paul and Rowan {nothing like girl power, eh Jules?}. He besties are me, Sim, Row mah Bro, Talhia, Tez and Amy (sorta).
Rowan Thurlings
Rowan cares about three main things: girls, Big brother and money. he wants to leave the Mount and get a good paying job. he loves Sara-Marie amd saying stupid stuff. Oh and I love bitching with him. "BIOB!"
Sarah-Jane Kerr
Sarah loves Chad. her boyf in adelaide. I've spent lots of time with her coz of church and you. She has {and for some reason it ended here.}

Lisa and Simon's stuff
WWJD: What would Jesus do? (Lisa)
WWWD: What would wankers do? (Simon)
SMBB: Suck my balls bitch (Sim)
URAL: You are a loser (Losa
BIOB: Bring it on bitch (Sim)

Funniest Moments List:
When Rowan flicked a pen in Lorraine's face {accidentally I think!}
When Lorraine put a chook in a bucket to see if it could swim
When Sim tells lame jokes
When james stands like an idiot
"Dumb leaf clover" James
"Thems were the days" james
"You know Peter Millard? He's in the Guiness Book of World Records." "What did he do?" "Pushed a bathtub ten meters!" {I still tell people this now. Thanks Jem.}
The green pants guy (aka Pants)
When Matthew Doecke wore make up to Youth Alive.

Bogus email Jules, Amy and I wrote to Ashleigh in year eight:
Dear Ashleigh,
I was bored so I came to Lisa's house and wanted to email you because I couldn't stop thinking about you. Lisa didn't want me to email you but I couldn't stop myself so I got your email off Lisa (I think she was jealous) and that is the story. I really miss you.
I have something else to tell you. Amy asked me out. But I said no because - Lisa is coming, I'll ring you later.
From Simon
{for some reason that was glued into my diary!}

Part of a long email from Rowan:
Now Mel is in here too. It is the invasion of the idiots. Only joking.
I love you, no offense. Punch. I love you, no offense.
Good thing Simo isn't here other wise Mel would be all over him and rubbing up againist him.
So did you have fun answering phones all lesson. Whoop-dee-doo.
I gotta go now. Love always (no offense) Rowan.

A random letter from Simon
Hello frizz im writing to you with your pen which you lent to me 2 weeks ago but im now complaining. so hows life mines OhKAY but it could be better, ther are certain things in life which would lighten it up.
I'm getting $90 next wednesday so that will be good - a new pair of oakleys-
well ill leave you wid some words of wisdmo 3:18 from the bible> stop hitting on paul, and get a hair cut.
from Sim {then he drew pics of snakes and swords and things}

So that's so my my journal. It's strange because at the time I shared it with all my friends, but now there's parts which I don't want to read.
Oh man, I'm missing a lot of people right now.