Friday, 29 January 2016

Links to my published work

For prosperity's sake, or perhaps because I'm in the process of applying for my Master of Creative Writing, here is a bunch of links to examples of my written work.

Offbeat Bride
What Gilmore Girls can teach us about proposals

New Times
All articles can be accessed from  New Times Previous Editions

March 2014  
Reach Out - A Review of Ruby Charlotte's album 'Tell Me You're Alive'

February 2014
What could you give up?
Caring for Cambodia

December 2013
The Twilight Years (with Bindy Taylor)
Ironbank Faith Community
Jamestown Uniting Church
The Miracle Man

November 2013
A faith journey for senior school students
Hallett Cover Uniting Church
Farewell to Tailem Bend
Meet the State Mission Fellowship
The Road to Peace

History of the Australian Guide Program
AGP Document

Girl Guides Australia: Traveller's Tales
Sangam Be The Change: MDG3 2014

Archived Blogs
Lisa's Olave Challenge Blog
PopFunk (my small business blog)
Kid-Kits and Deserted Islands: not another BSC blog