Tuesday, 12 January 2016

From the Archives 2008: The Books I could Never Find at Koorong

At Koorong today I couldn't find the book I wanted. The book which would finally help me live the life I've always wanted. Rich, sucessful, hanging out with God 24/7. But then I thought about the books I could never find at Koorong even if I wanted to. And here's a brief list:

- Where is God when it Hurts (because you've stubbed you toe in your boyfriend's parents house and they'll get angry even if you use the word 'bugger')?

- How to Make Friends and Kiss Boys at Influencers Conference

- Every Young Man's Battle: How to pick up chicks at easter camp

- Every Young Woman's Battle: How to avoid being picked up by sleazy guys at easter camp

- Help, I'm a Youth Worker (and I can't even afford a palm pilot!)

- The Blah Blah Sisters Prayer Group (who met twice but then forgot about it)

- Christian Or Convertable? The two questions singles should always ask

- I'm in love the with disco siren (but don't tell my pastor)

- Where to Sell all of Your "Secular" CDs in roder to make money to give to the church

- How to Write a Testimony Withut Looking Like a Whinger

- The Rules of Not "Going Too Far"

- How to Subtly Convert Your Best Friend