Tuesday, 12 May 2015

All those things I thought I'd never do.

Today it's Week 22.5 of pregnancy, and somne things have changed a lot since... well, 22.5 weeks ago.

I had a lot of ideas about pregnancy before now, and I decided to, well, debunk my own myths about what I thought I would be/do/act.

1. Not eating things you like is stupid.
As soon as I found out we were having a baby, I happened to have an appointment with with my dietician a week later. What she gave me could fill a book. There was a long list of don'ts and a short list of dos.  I never thought I would happily forego my love of shaved ham, or feta cheese or soft serves. Not to mention, my all time favourite breakfast out dish - soft poached eggs on toast. But then, I was making these decisions when I was only responsible for one person - me, myself and I. Just like I believed sugar making kids hyper was a lie (it's not), things changed really quickly.

Instead of being that Person Who Makes A Huge Deal Out Of Not Being Able To Eat Stuff You Unknowingly Serve To A Pregnany Woman, I say nothing, because, rude. And I just eat something else.

I also started taking vitamins, because, that makes sense.

2. Ultrasound photos... really?
On Monday we went to Before You Were Born Imaging to have 3D and 4D ultrasounds done. The main reason was that our ultrasound for 20 weeks wasn't especially clear. It turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. An instrumental version of Yes, Jesus Loves Me (preceded by Pop Goes the Weasel) played and it was really at that point that I'm actually going to be a Mum. Our ultrasound photos are a bit special, but not posting because I find it a bit of an overshare.

3. Online parenting forums
I always thought I would be one of those Mummy Forum Stalkers, but everything I have seen in the last few months has scared me away from stupid baby forums, along with their bloody weird acronyms (BFP= Big fat Positive pregnancy test... the hell?) and hyper competitive parenting... Ugh. Can't deal.

4. Knowing the gender of the baby
Lots of people told us that we wouldn't want to know. We know now, and it's a massive secret but kind of nice too.

5. Cute nicknames
My friends and myriad of acquaintances have nicknamed their unborn bubbas some really weird things. Mostly food related. Pumpernickel has not featured on a Facebook status update, and probably won't.

6. Changing cat litter
One thing I was really looking forward to was not changing cat litter. Well, the swap finally happened this week. Gloves seem to do the trick.

7. Lifting heavy stuff
I did a lot of STUPID stuff the week before I found out I was with child, including moving the sports cupboard across the back porch, throwing myself at the ground for derby and lugging boxes around the house. All that stopped at the start of February and I'm lucky to work with awesome people who don't make me lift and do silly things.

8. Being Little Miss Sleepy
I really wanted to be one of those fun pregnant ladies, but it looks like my raging days are over. Early to bed, early to rise, lots of siestas and sitting in front of the television doing sweet nothing. Well, sometimes knitting. I always like to be busy, but more quite time has been good for me, not to mention the fact that the baby is more active when I'm resting so I can enjoy little kicks until they become big ones.

9. Pregnancy Photo Shoots
Until a month ago, having a pregnancy photo shoot seemed like a massive waste of time and money. I'll probably go to Impressions and have a $29 shoot, but basically, I like looking like a pregnant lady and I would like one flattering photo of myself.

10. Hating maternity clothes
 Maternity clothes are horrible. I went to City Chic and bought some bigger stuff (harem pants, a stretchy tee, tights and jeans which are still too big), but I mostly hate all of them. My quest to go 400 days without buying new things has failed a little, but only from necessity.

11. Watching One Born Every Minute
Lots of ladies I know love One Born. I was petrified of having to have a Cesarean birth (in fact, I still am), and I thought watching the show would help. It didn't. But you can watch highlights from my favourite episode here, because, who doesn't need a cute outfit while in the birthing pool thingy?

I soon discovered that while all the births were different, it was essentially the same thing, and I didn't need to keep stressing about it. Phew!

12. Bonding with other mums
I haven't been as good at bonding with other mums.
Okay, kind of a lie. Mums I already know and like I have been happy chatting to. But I can't suddenly look at all mums and be like 'Wow, you are a super woman because you are a mum'. Sorry, you picked someone in the wrong field for that.

I have kept saying that men and (and women who haven't been pregnant) keep asking if I have had any cravings. No. I just like juice drinks a lot and get hankerings for pepperoni pizza.

But one thing hasn't changed... 13. Say no to the bump photos
There is one thing I have stuck to: NO BUMP PHOTOS!

Sensible cravings. Mmmm. Potatoes.
I don't care what someone looks like week to week of their pregnancy. They might enjoy that. I certainly didn't want to compare bumps with Baby 1 and Baby 2 (torturous for all viewers). But I also didn't want to put myself out there. I already had a good belly before I was pregnant, and now I still have one. I feel different because I am, but I don't need to show the world that I'm... uhhh.... showing. (PS - showing sounds gross).

I also feel that bump photos could also be an invitation to pat the bump, but there are only a few people who get away with that (namely women, my family and someone who has touched my tummy on a regular occasion, which is only Jon when he makes it wobble). I suddenly don't love being touched and hugged by people I'm not close to, or I am close to but aren't good on the hugging bizzo.

I wonder what else will change after the baby actually arrives?! Scary thoughts.

Anyway, that's it from me. For now anyway.