Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Space required.

I'm finding myself more and more overwhelmed by almost everything right now, and really, I kind of just want some space.

Last week I wrote a long list of everything I was involved in or planned to be, and I am kind of grateful that I have been able to cross items off my list as things that aren't viable for me right now. It's sad, but there is only so much I can do. To be honest, my priorities have changed dramatically since moving back to Adelaide. This is a surprise to me, as I thought I would come back and be out almost every night of the week, like I used to do while I was at uni. I don't necessarily consider myself a homebody, by my weird working hours have contributed to the simple fact that I cannot really do everything I thought I could to begin with. 

Great quotes suggest that you should only proritise people who proritise you are all lies. I can deal with lateness, I can deal with cancellations, I can deal with stupid friendly competition. The thing is, I don't want to deal anymore. One thing I know from teaching is that you can't control someone's behaviour, but you can help create some change by setting boundaries. All that aside, I'm not going to (as I so often put it) teacher people I like into submission to my standards,. It doesn't work anyway.

Last but not least.
Negativity can only get you so far. If I have awesome news, don't tell me stories about all the things that can go wrong, how my life is going to be ruined, etc etc. the only exception to this rule is probably the people who actually know and love you the best, which probably equate to a really small handful of people. Life is already tough. Being a woman is tough. Why are we always tearing one another down?

That's it from me. I promise more positivity in the next post, but, honestly, today I would be quite happy to sit in a corner and eat chcolate. If I felt like chcolate, which I don't.