Thursday, 5 February 2015

2014: the year in review!

 I'm a bit late but.... 2014: the year of travel!

This year has been good and challenging. In some ways I feel like I'm kind of back where I started at the beginning of the year, but that's okay. A reset button is always a good thing. Time to review the year that was.

This year I worked in admin for a RTO for about six months. I'm not very good at admin at the best of times, but it was an interesting experience. The RTO, who shall remain nameless, is operated from a farm, and in my short time there I made a great new friend, had my office relocated and decided that this job really wasn't for me. Part of this was to do with my time away at Sangam, but a lot of of it was because I wasn't enjoying the work.

So I came back to teaching in a relief capacity. I enjoyed my TRT days and early mornings driving to Pirie. I loved spending more time with "my kids" (my students from 2012) as well. My time in TRT hasn't reignited the passion I once had for teaching, but that's okay. Part of my time at the RTO helped me decide that while I wasn't loving my job, I wasn't missing teaching too much either. 

This year I have travelled way too much for one person who only works part of the year! Over summer I spent a few days at Marion Bay and Melbourne. I also went on a week long cruise to the Whitsundays with my parents and Trent. It was nice to spend such a long time with my family and I'm grateful we got to do a lot of fun things together.
In March I travelled to India for the first time for my week long visit to Sangam. As one of my Guiding sisters said, "It's not you changing India, but India changing you". Every day felt incredibly long, and although I'd been away for a week, it felt like a month or more! My time in India was probably the happiest I had had for a long time because I spent all day with new friends and I was constantly learning about a culture completely different to my own. On the way home I had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur and spent a day doing some exploring. I really enjoyed this, but I was also completely exhausted by time I made it back to Australia. While in KL I visited Little India which was way too much like actual India. I had the best massage of my life and purchased some lovely goodies at their Central Market.

In August I had a weekend in Launceston to prepare for my trip to the Cook Islands. It was absolutely amazing! Burger Junkie (one of the food trucks on Eat Street) does an amazing Kentucky Bourbon burger. Yum yum yum. Other than food, I had a couple of visits to the glorious Cataract Gorge. Incredible!

September-October was our GOLD trip to the Cook Islands. We stayed on Rarotonga (affectionately known as Raro). I loved Cooks and hope to visit again some day. Island Time is a legit thing. After a crazy day of flying home I had a few days in Port Elliot with Stephen's family (but honestly, I was a bit too jet lagged to notice that I was even there in the first place).

During 2014 I did some wheelin' and dealin' on eBay (not a lot but), and also had a stall at Round She Goes, which I enjoyed. My stall has made a profit both times I have been there, but the real fun is often just thrifting and finding amazing things at bargain basement prices to sell on to other fashion junkies. Will I do Round She Goes again? Not during 2015, well probably not, but maybe 2016... unless I have other interests to pursue. Honestly though... I probably make more money selling from eBay, but I find having a stall a lot more rewarding.

Roller Derby
My derby life has been put on hold for reasons I won't disclose for now. I loved a lot of my derby journey and found I was really succeeding in different areas. I was devastated when I didn't make the cut to be a roller girl... then I was filled with the hope of being a ref.... then they decided they didn't want refs who didn't have awesome skillz. It's a tough one. To be honest... I don't know if the league I chose is right for me. I am hoping to join the same league as my amazing friend Jeni because she is such an encouragment and makes me laugh. Anyway. Fresh Meat begins again next November and I don't know if it's doable yet. Time will tell.

This year I went overseas twice for Guides, as well as joining the State Olave Committee and making some new Guiding sisters around the world (oh, and in my own backyard). I am so close to finishing my leadership qualification I can almost taste it. My Unit in Kadina won the Ann Lee Perpetual Membership Award for increasing Unit numbers (based on percentage). I didn't really realise what I was getting into when I rejoined the Movement again.... but this has certainly been one of the most important things I have had the opportunity to be part of.

Moving house
After a few false starts and throwing in some towels, we finally rejoined the ranks of the Adelaidians! Our little house is pretty big considering it is two bedrooms. It isn't in great shape, but we have made a lot of improvements in the short time we have been here, especially in the garden. It was part to leave our life in Kadina, but also really nice to come back home. Our new addition to the family is Cedric (aka Black Cat), who has stayed and helped keep the mice population down.

Life in general
Life has been pretty sweet to us during 2014. We both got breaks we probably didn't always deserve. Being married is a totally awesome 'it's an adventure' moment (this is what we say when we are lost in the car or if things go wrong).

I feel as if I have dealt with issues which had been bothering me for a long time, especially surrounding careers and conflict, even if that conflict was sometimes one sided. I have blogged a lot and achieved some new goals. I am proud of myself, which is not always something I can say.

The future holds lots of challenges, and I am glad we are in Adelaide with a great support network and people who care about us being close by, or just a road trip away. I am just so happy and grateful, there aren't enough ways to describe it