Saturday, 31 January 2015

That darn cat.

Two months of Sundays ago Black Cat entered our lives. He just showed up on the back doorstep and meowed all night until I gave him some food the next day. Of course everyone knows you're not supposed to feed stray cats, buuuut he looked skinny and it made him stop being noisy for a bit. 

Black Cat is still here. He has been happily living in the backyard, following us around, playing Hide and Seek with Heidi through the windows, etc. As nice as Black Cat is, we would really like him to be with his own family. This is proving difficult. He doesn't have a microchip and FB lost and found websites seems to have a much higher rate of reuniting dogs and their owners rather than cats and their staff. I have been looking through lost cat ads for weeks now and no cat matches Black Cat's description.

Black Cat is now looking a lot healthier... He's an old man who has been through some wars. We think maybe he was left  which here and he hasn't shown any interest in leaving. Well, Black Cat makes two cats. Good luck to you, our little friend. We love you just a little bit already.