Friday, 2 January 2015

20 best known facts about me.

It's always a bit of a thing to write out a list of useless information about yourself that nobody knows, or some people do, that you think is, to quote my 15 year old self "cool and interesting". But nobody ever does the best known facts. I always learn a lot from those survey things, but today is not one of those days. Behold, Ze List of 20 Best Known Facts About Me.

1. Hello. My name is Lisa Maree Birch. Most people call me Lis, because, I live in Australia.
2. I live in Adelaide with my amSaZING husband Stephen.
3. I hail from the beautiful City of Warrnambool. #3280represent
4. I have two brothers and my mum and dad.
5. I have a cat named Heidi. She is my first cat, growing up we only ever had dogs.
6. Professionally speaking I am a teacher. I love kids and teaching but not all the headaches that come with it.
7. My oldest friend is Rachel, my best friend is Spring and my favourite group of people are collectively called my Urban Family.
8. I love clothes!
9. I also love reading.
10. My all time favourite show is Seinfeld.
11. I am a Girl Guide and made my Promise in 1993.
12. If I could live only on Italian food, I would do so happily.
13. Pink is my favourite colour.
14. I am very sensitive, and not just in an emotional sense. I can't handle the weirdest of things including certain noises, irregularly time intervals, coloured drink bottles and anything of a supernatural variety. Including Supernatural.
15. I hated PE in school and roller derby is the first team sport I have ever willingly played.
16. I am a BSC buff. This is a useless trait.
17. I fold paper cranes a lot.
18. Summer is my favourite season.
19. I love pop music. Yes, really.
20. I have a massive travel to do list. It keeps getting longer.