Friday, 12 December 2014

The Night Before Fresh Meat testing!

I'm not freaking out too much, but tomorrow is crunch time. Do or don't I become a roller girl? I want to know the future already! Usually I would be seeking guidance but this really isn't a decision to make, it's simply a test of my current skills. 

The test!
* 4 point fall 
* Baseball slides
* Transitions – Turning clockwise and counter clockwise
*360 degree turns
* Tomahawks – from one direction only (you don’t have to do it clockwise and counterclockwise)

* Hopping over noodles – One on top of the other, taking off with both feet
* Positional Blocking and Leaning – Frontal blocking aka booty blocking (holding someone back with your butt)
* Pushes across the room – Giving and receiving
* Arm Whips (giving and receiving)
* Hip (giving and receiving)
* Hip and Body Checking/Hitting – Giving and receiving hits
* Pace line pacing – Adjust to increased and decreased speed without falling, overtaking and while using your plough stops and keeping arms length distance from the person in front of you.
* Pace line weaving – Weave through the pace line
* Pack Work – While in a pack, can you: fall small, knee tap, touch wheels, call out numbers, hit on whistle, avoid suicide trainers, snow plough, weave around others (move from the back to the front and vice versa), and be generally safe
*Backwards skating – 1 lap
* Speed – 1 lap in 13 seconds

*Endurance – 27 laps in 5 minutes

If my journey ends, or comes to a brief pause, I thought now would be a better time for reflection rather than when I'm feeling mopey. So, here is what I have learnt through raw and fresh meat training.

1. I am stronger than you know.
Not only an excellent lyric, but I think this time has given me a lot of strength, especially in the way I deal with things - falling over and a commitment to training. It would have been so much easier if I didn't go through these last six weeks while moving from Kadina to Adelaide and setting it up and tying up heaps of loose ends. BUT I have been to every single training session, as well as the fitness sessions. Discipline doesn't always come easy to me (actually, who does it come easy to) and this has been a great break through in how I use my time.

2. Fitness should lead to some desired goal.
I have always known this, but all this year I have been banging on about losing weight, and surprise surprise, I weigh exactly the same as what I did this time last year. I want to lose weight (again, who doesn't?) but I don't want to be guilt tripped into it. I want to be a better skater and do fitness activities that will help me on this course. So my fitness goal isn't just to be fit and thin, it's to be able to be the best skater I can be.

3. Get back up again
I am no longer scared of falling as I have done it a lot and will continue to - there are more spills and thrills when Fresh Meat move into their next roles as newies, and then mouldies. I am fast at falling down and much better at not crying when things don't go my way.

4. I can do this. (or, 'you got this!')
If it isn't tomorrow, it will be January, and if it isn't January it will be this time next year. It is possible, do-able and what I want in my life. And I want it, a lot. It's going to happen and that's all there is to it.

Fingers and toes crossed!