Saturday, 8 November 2014

Things we said today.

Today I've had some time to think about my relationships with pretty much everyone in my life right now. For a long time I was a very closed person, and I only shared my thoughts with people who would appreciate them.

Now though, I'm pretty open and say what I think most of the time. This is good because it makes me honest and happy and all of those things, but it sometimes makes me wonder if I give too much of my heart. I still have my secret thoughts and dreams, who doesn't, but what's happening to my blurted thoughts after they have been said? That's what is really bothering me the most.

I'm very blessed to have friends who support me in different aspects of my life, and not just have one friend who is there for everything. I am that person sometimes and it's hard to be someone's everything. So, I think in the last few hours I've grown up, if only just a little. It's closure for the little stuff I don't need broadcast to the wider audience. And, more journalling, because journals make me happy.