Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Way We Was: YITS 2005

2005, still the most amazing and challenging year of my life.

I'll post some NOR photos at some stage, but came across these.

Colour coordination baby!
Mid year camp. Which I HATED (PS). It would have been nice is they actually planned stuff for us to do. Because that's what camps are for, doin' stuff and not just watching certain people shake their booty. (PPS - not my booty, I was off sulking in a corner.)

I only included this for Jon's shorts.
Who wears short shorts?
Jon wears short shorts,

First day BBQ.
I'm looking my most socially awkward.
In fairness I was listening to someone - not Jon.
This is obviously where the girl boy divide started, and swiftly ended with the nice dinner the boy put on for us... six months later.

And an adventure it was.
Seriously, YITS has really inspired me to carry on the spirit of adventure in all parts of my life in a really non Lord of the Rings way (I think someone kept linking those two ideas together.)