Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Way We Was 2011


2011 = not a great year in the Lis's Lala Land, but in all fairness, I had some awesome supporters, friends, events to look forward to, and of course, Stephen Beans.

Apologies in advance for these photos, teehee.

Pretty sure Sy is touching someone's bum in this one.

Narelle embraces her new technology which I had to help her get (well, we had to drive to Big W). This was before Narelle could drive and when she lived in Renmark. Also, she didn't have a tv so I didn't hear Meat Loaf's appalling performance at the GF. Probably a good thing.

No one actually looks like this anymore, except for Mrs Rashy, Steve. Yay for dolphin cruises!

Steve embraces new technology, which would be iPhone 3 (I think). He's so cool.

It's all a bit bittersweet really. We're moving to Adelaide, and Narelle is moving to Kadina, the old switcheroo. Stephen's just applied for jobs, I've just applied for uni (after applying for a few more jobs this week), and we still haven't found a house. We did get approved for one (yay) and then we realised there would be nowhere for Heidi to live (sad face).

Bittersweetness aside, how blessed and seriously lucky are we to have such awesome friends? I can sometimes become a bit flippant and difficult and so on, but all the same, to have people who have your back despite everything (or despite nothing, as Stephen likes to say, because whatever everything is, it doesn't matter).

2011, you were one hell of a year. May 2015 not follow in your footsteps.

I kind of like doing these things. Maybe I'll do a series... but knowing me I'll forget about this and repost something similar in a few days time.