Monday, 3 November 2014

The Way We Was: 2009


It was the best of time; it was the worst of times.

The best: BTC (Now called PUSH (Body) Transformation Challenge), Viva Fitness, moving back to Lockleys for another 12 months, spending time with my dorky and non-hipster friends, doing really well in uni during Semester One, watching Twi-lame at midnight with Spring and Rhioons, meeting Stephen and Narelle (not that they should be last!).

The worst: Failing prac and most of life in general, including my job (it was divine intervention or desperation no one fired me), finding out I had to add another year onto my degree to re-sit my prac (2010 was the best year of my life all the same, and because of this), make ups and break ups and having no money and a weird fight with Marie because I didn't go in a hot air balloon (or something).

These photos were from about this time in 2009.

I love these Edwardses. And my other favourite Edwards family. Maybe I should name my first child after them? Maybe not.

Also, the best bumper sticker I saw that year said 'Beware: I drive like a Cullen'. Would have been pretty hot if it wasn't a girl driving it. Just sayin'.

My most epic unit of work yet: a film study on Napoleon Dynamite. The kids LUVed it.

Spring and I have a whole series of photos taken with Jon and most of them are poses in which he tried to show off his pecs, biceps or 'buffness' in general, and fails most of the time.

Matty Moo (Medwards) would have taken this photo. I don't know why Sy is trying to strangle us and also why Spring and I are holding hands with Jon. What the actual fuck?

What a spunk. Being Pebbles on Halloween with this bloke. Matt was some important character from some novel I hadn't read, maybe a vampire, but not committing to that statement.

My fridge! Details of pics from top LH corner: terri and Myles; Matt and Honey; Maries graduation, Spring and Sy, my family (and Steve), Mark and Matt, Schoolies 2006, Vivs at Tabor, my Anti-marriage party group photo, Marie and I at Clispal, Lockleys ladies at back to Bethlehem, Christmas Party 2007.