Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Way We Was: 1999

In 1999 I was so many things, but mostly just a painful thirteen year old who liked shopping, boys, Grease, rom coms and Sweet Dreams novels. Actually, things haven't changed too much except for my taste in books.

Here I am on the Spirit of Warrnambool, which is a little boat which goes up and down the Hopkins River. This is about as exciting as it sounds. (It isn't.)

Also, I wore this shirt everywhere, and when my Granny saw it she described them as spunks. Which, most of them are, except for Kevin.

We got shipped off to Warrnambool because Mum got really sick over summer for a few days. Gran and Pa took ups to see the Great Ocean Road and I fell totes in LUV with Port Campbell, mostly because they have cool markets and it feels kind of like Bryon Bay without the green stuff.

Also, this is probably the last time I wore short shorts.

Happy Birthday to... uhhh... someone. This could have been taken when I was 12, but it still makes the cut. Also, I miss doing my hair in tiny plaits, except I can't do cornrows and then I have to wear a hat so I can see and stuff.

Oh yah, this hat is a velvet poor boy turned backwards, because peaked caps don't suit me and I really like berets.