Thursday, 20 November 2014

Raw Meat Sesh 5 Test and little spin out moment.

Sunday will be a big day for me. Not only should I have almost everything signed off on my Girl Guides Leadership Passport, I'm also doing the Raw Meat Test.

On Wednesday we went through the test and I can do almost everything. So now I feel a whole heap better. I also know if I don't pass I have worked my arse off to get through in just five sessions. So, go me.

The test results mean that those who pass make it to Fresh Meat, those who don't will be invited to retest next year (in either 6 or 12 months) and might be asked to take on a non skating role in the league. Either way you get feedback which is awesome.

Just so I feel better about Sunday, here's what I can do in bold.

1. Stops
-Skater must come to a complete stop from a brisk pace within 4 seconds, using proper form and without losing balance. 
-T-Stops (so so so close!)
-Plow Stops
2. Balance and Agility
-Skater must demonstrate the ability to perform the following tasks without losing balance, stumbling or falling:
-Stepping and standing from a standstill, maintaining control of wheels (not rolling)
--forward and backward
--side to side in both directions
--shuffle (I still don't know what this is!)
--quick steps
--balance on one foot for 30 seconds

-Weaving through 10 cones in less than 6 seconds 
-Hopping over a fixed marker on the ground 
-Hopping from side to side from a brisk speed
3. Recovery
-Knee taps with both knees
-Double knee slides
4. Skating skills
-Posture (bent at knees with hips and shoulders back, centre of gravity low and down, skate with low, bent knees)
-Stride (steady, confident fluid strides, both feet pushing on straightaways, shifts weight from foot to foot without stumbling)
-Crossovers (derby directio
n and reverse direction)
-One foot glide
-Sticky skating
-Moves fluidly from one side of the track to the other
5. Pace lines
-Adjusts to speed in a pace line

6. Speed and Endurance
-13 seconds for one lap 
-20 laps in 5 minutes