Sunday, 9 November 2014

MC Roller Girls Raw Meat Intake Week 1 Update

What a mouthful that title was!

I'll break it down and then actually get to business.

I'm part of the Raw Meat intake for Murder City Roller Girls (MCRG/MC Roller Girls). Raw Meat is the very basics of skating - stopping, turns (or transitions), how to fall, etc. In two week's time I will be tested on my Raw Meat skills, and I have to say I'm incredibly anxious about passing the test.

After Raw Meat, Fresh Meat begins. In Fresh Meat you learn lots of derby drills and skills and develop on the skills you learn in Raw Meat. Fresh Meat's test is even more challenging to pass successfully. MCRG are in the process of becoming members of WFTDA members, which means we have to successfully pass their rulings AKA Minimum Skills to get through Fresh Meat. Two of the biggest tests as a skater is Speed (one lap in 13 seconds) and Endurance (27 laps in 5 minutes). Speed I am not so bad on, I only need to shave two seconds off my current PB. Also, the track at Kilburn is smaller (maybe 80% of a traditional track), so I'm keeping records of both just so I know how I have improved. Endurance is tough, but mostly because there are a lot of girls all on the track at once, and this leads to more thrills and spills when you don't actually want either.

There are a lot of people trying out at be in MCRG, and plenty of them have already been part of local leagues, such as Light City, or defunct leagues such as Gawler. This is good because they are encouraging and you can learn from them. MCRG wants to teach people their way to play, which is totally fine, but you have a HUGE range of abilities during the intake, and this also puts me off quite a bit as some of the ladies have been skating with leagues for a long time and that's intimating! I have been really lucky that Becca had already covered everything we have learnt during Raw Meat while I was training with CCRD. So, nothing is new information, I just have rubbishy form most of the time. I also feel like I came in thinking I was really speedy, but actually I'm middle of the range, if not slower, and I'll just have to deal with that.

In terms of commitment, well, the intakes are for six weeks with two training a week (one at Kilburn and the other at Campbelltown). This means I'm driving down until we have a house in Adelaide, which is fine except last night I really don't know how I got home in one piece, so I might need to start doing sleepovers with my parents-in-law again. The sessions themselves involve a pre-training fitness session (15 mins-half an hour, depending on the day), time to get skating gear on (for me this means knee gaskets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet and mouth guard) and then two hours on skates, followed by a long stretch. The trainings are run by a group of trainers - T1 is the head trainer for the session, T2s are the back-ups and give the T1 a heads up if they miss anything important out and T3s are extra support. All of the trainers demonstrate the moves and join in with us to give us tips and hints along the way as well as supervising drills.

My body feels pretty shattered this morning. Thursday I was pretty much fine, but last night everything hurt and I was in bed far too early and went straight to sleep. I haven't felt like this since I did back to back to back classes at Viva, and that was only after days with no rest days off!

All in all, I'm grateful for this crazy time. It's taking a lot out of me (I just cracked some bone in my leg and have no idea how that even happened), but it feels good too. I'm pretty happy with the way everything is going. I'm keen as beans for Wednesday night.

Of course, there is the thought of what happens if I don't get through? There are a lot of options and other leagues, but I really really want this, so I won't even consider the options until (or if) it comes to that.


Week 1: Speed - 1 lap in 13 seconds
Kilburn 1 in 15 seconds
Campbelltown 1 in 16.5 seconds

Week 1: Endurance - 27 laps in 5 minutes
Kilburn: 18.5 laps
Campbelltown: 17 laps