Sunday, 16 November 2014

MC Roller Girls Raw Meat Intake Week 2

Updated my blog to reflect actual gains! Feeling sorry for myself today, but only in terms of life being crazy busy hectic and everybody I knew stressing me out majorly. I so want to curl up into a little ball and stay there. But, we beat on.

No stretching yesterday as a whole group, but did some myself and then went to Bounce with some amazing Olaves. Bounce was an incredible recovery session. Firstly, you only wear socks. Trampolines are good for keeping momentum and help contribute to the low impact of the exercise. Also, jumping, especially on a trampoline makes me wildly giddy and silly and who doesn't need that in their lives? 

This week my plan is to skate every day, have two weight sessions at gym and learn how to do t-stops and weaving a lot better. This is my last chance, and I have improved immensely. I'll do a proper update tomorrow to help soothe mt wounded ego.

Over and out,
Lissy, wonder woman and all around good girl. 

Please keep in mind that the track at Kilburn is smaller than Cambelltown :)

Week 1: Speed - 1 lap in 13 seconds
Kilburn 1 in 15 seconds
Campbelltown 1 in 16.5 seconds

Week 1: Endurance - 27 laps in 5 minutes
Kilburn: 18.5 laps
Campbelltown: 17 laps

Week 2: Speed 
Kilburn:  Speed: 13.5 secs
Campbelltown: 13.5 secs

Week 2: Endurance 
Kilburn: 20 laps. 
Cambelltown 17.5 laps

Raw Meat Test - Things I can do are in bold.
1. Stops
-Skater must come to a complete stop from a brisk pace within 4 seconds, using proper form and without losing balance. 
-Plow Stops
2. Balance and Agility
-Skater must demonstrate the ability to perform the following tasks without losing balance, stumbling or falling:
-Stepping and standing from a standstill, maintaining control of wheels (not rolling)
--forward and backward
--side to side in both directions
--quick steps
--balance on one foot for 30 seconds

-Weaving through 10 cones in less than 6 seconds
-Hopping over a fixed marker on the ground 
-Hopping from side to side from a brisk speed
3. Recovery
-Knee taps with both knees (ALMOST!
-Double knee slides
4. Skating skills
-Posture (bent at knees with hips and shoulders back, centre of gravity low and down, skate with low, bent knees)
-Stride (steady, confident fluid strides, both feet pushing on straightaways, shifts weight from foot to foot without stumbling)
-Crossovers (derby directio
n and reverse direction)
-One foot glide
-Sticky skating
-Moves fluidly from one side of the track to the other
5. Pace lines
-Adjusts to speed in a pace line
6. Speed and Endurance
-13 seconds for one lap (13.5 baby!)
-20 laps in 5 minutes (17.5)