Sunday, 26 October 2014

My favourite mistake.

A lot of quotable quotes suggest that a mistake isn't a mistake if you learn something, and as you always learn from mistakes, they don't exist.

Sometimes you learn from what you do wrong, or at least acknowledge it. Other times its just something you did wrong or without thinking. We need to stop trying to trivialise the bad stuff with a lesson learnt because it's not the best way to think. I don't care if a while heap of good things came out of a mistake, as far as I'm concerned, I made decisions about my life and some of them are wrong for me, even now, even though I have a  wonderful husband and a cat and a lifestyles really love. To say that something good came from the uphill battle against almost all odds seems like the right thing to say. But it really isn't.

Girls like to say this about relationships, that a bad relationship is something you can learn from . I've said many times myself "now I know what I don't want."  and guess what? I have still continued to choose what I don't want because my heart rules my head as all good hearts should do. I just have more answer and coping strategies.

It's really really really ok to make mistakes.

And today I've slipped over twice because I had sugar soap on my feet.