Saturday, 6 September 2014

Thankfulness: a letter for Dad + Mum on Father's Day.

Dear Dad + Mum,

I'm sure you know this anyway, even if I haven't put it in so many words.  I just really wanted to say thank you for letting us being outdoor kids. There seems to be a bit of a belief now that outdoor kids are are trend, screen time should be monitored and so on. All the same, thanks for making being outside not even a big deal.

Today everyone was freaking out because of bull ants (actually just larger than usual ants) running around on the ground around where I was standing. And though I'm terrified of snakes, my fears of itchy things, bites, ants and general outdoorsiness are non existent.

In case you have forgotten, here are some really cool things you let us do outdoors.
  • Took us to the beach all the time. 'Let's go look for penguins! Let's find shells! Let's take starfish home from Shelly Beach!'  (in fairness, that probably wasn't Mum's idea.)
  • Climb trees. And have a treehouse built around a tree with a secret entrance.
  • Build a garden up the back with Mum. We spent a lot of weekends choosing the right plants, putting down bark chips and making everything look good.

  • Make teepees after cutting back trees.
  • Eating fresh parsley from the garden.
  • Letting Matt and I walk to the milk bar to buy lollies, chips and smokes (for Dad that is).
  • Testing our first aid and fire knowledge on road trips.
  • Poke around in fires.
  • Not stressing about Matt and I building a huge Jurassic Park in the sandpit, except for after we dumped the 20th bucket of water into our 'rivers'.
  • Fishing on the river. Even though I hardly ever caught anything.
  • Trips on the boat, but mostly things going wrong with boat including the time we had to wait an hour for a tow back to the landing.
  • Taking us on a houseboat for Christmas, and also giving me my first mobile which I couldn't even use because there was no reception to speak of. Don't worry, I still find this highly entertaining.
  • Going camping, taking our bikes, teaching us gin rummy and not banishing us to our tents whenever it rained because we always had our own 'lounge room' (and sometimes TV) to sit in
  • Having a pool in the backyard.
  • Mum taking us to the playground after visiting Maxwell's Bakery for some lunch. But, also, taking us to Lake Petrobe at least once a week and letting us roam up to whatever boundary you came up with.
  • Scooping up hail and eating it.
  • Barbeques at May and Ted's house.
  • Not not making a crazy long list of  rules for us to abide, and for being reasonable and being right... well most of the time.
You know, even though we don't always say it, we do have the coolest parents ever.

Love from Lis xx