Thursday, 25 September 2014

Life updatey thingy. (No, really, this will be THE last blog before I leave.)

I got a bit distracted during my gym class today, so I thought I would do some kind of life updatey thingy, mostly because knowing my jetlagged state, I'll forget what I'm supposed to be doing.

1. Gym with Lou.
Lou is my gym buddy and she is awesome. You don't want to mess with her, and she is almost impossible to say no to. (Actually, most good people are.) My gym has started doing Spin classes, though why they were doing 15 minute classes "so everyone could have a turn" is beyond me.

Like most things, stuff only gets good when I'm leaving. Bah!

2. Roller derby with MCRG
I'm in the Raw and Fresh Meat intake for Murder City this year. I'm training on Wednesdays and Sundays from the start of November. This is beyond exciting for me, and makes me feel somewhat accomplished, even though I haven't even started yet.

I don't know what's happening with my derby league here, but it's been tough. We had a lot of support last year when it was beginning, and numbers have dwindled very rapidly. We have had lots of people visit for Come and Try sessions, but usually they don't return after the final free sesh. You know what, that's okay, you want a team who are committed. And if nothing else comes out of our league, I've met some lovely people on the way.

This was my distracting thought at gym - that it's great to have supportive people, but it's really more than words that actually count. When the league was started, there was enough interest from potential skaters and the community to make it viable to be incorporated. A lot of people know about us and want to come to watch a bout, or come and see what it's like, but few people have wanted to stay for the long term. That's okay if derby isn't their thing, I totally get that. It's just hard to see support being withdrawn when it was so freely given in the first place. This is why things struggle to get started in regional areas - everyone loves the idea, few people are willing to actually be actively part of it.

3. Dietician update
A bit over a week later I'm still sticking with my plan pretty well and looking at being proactive, rather than passive, in the process. The biggest thing for me this week has been portion sizes. I've been incredibly sensible, and also feeling actually full after I eat a meal. Most everyone has been supportive, and it is really nice not to look at food as fuel, and be giving myself "cheat days" implying that it's okay to eat bad food. There is science behind cheat days, but I don't think it's necessary as I'm not training for anything and not necessarily clean eating all of the time.

4. The job hunt
I had a group interview on Wednesday with Bonds which went kind of well. They had about 40 people there but only 8 positions going, so I'd say my chances are reasonably slim. But I did have lots of good chats with other people, including someone from Mount Gambier (no, we didn't know each other at all) and I had a lovely lunch with Spring afterwards so everyone is a winner.

I applied for what I would consider a 'dream job' working as a youth officer at a library, but no such luck. I have a few other apps out at the moment and I have my fingers and toes crossed.

Either way, we are moving and we have already started packing and doing the Great Chuckeroo of crap we don't need.

5. Study
I've bailed on my Masters for a bit as I'm not sure it is really what I want at this stage, and would prefer to focus on getting a position in what I'm trained to do.

I'm close to finishing my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It's a long and boring slog, but I'm grateful for my five months working for an RTO so I can use all that insider knowledge. To be honest, I have no idea how someone who doesn't work for an RTO completes this course, and also, First Choice Training should not be your first choice.

6. Travel baby!
I head to Rarotonga tomorrow which I'm beyond crazy excited about. I have packed Vegemite, Freddos and Allens Snakes, as well as a whole bunch of swaps and goodies for the other Guides on the trip, and the ones we will meet over there.

I come back the following Sunday (long weekend Sunday), and will spend a few days at Port Eliot and then head to Adelaide to chill with Marie in her swanky motel for the evening. I'm anticipating severe jet lag, and being overtired. For me, overtired means that I decide I can do a whole lot of things at top speed when actually I can't function at all. Hopefully I just sleep for the first few days back.

Other than the hols there are absolutely no travel plans to go anywhere, well, except Mount Gambier, but can you call that travel? Nope.

7. Random crap I have recently purchased.
I'm trying to cut down on the stuff I buy, and doing reasonably well at it. I got the cutest travel pillow from Morning Glory on Wednesday. It is gloriously cute! Stephen thought it was for sitting on, but I explained my pillow envy last time I went away. Morning glory, on Hindley Street, is the most fun show to visit. They have such fun stuff, even if you don't buy anything it's totally worth a look.

Before seeing my dietician I was getting super obsessed with Wizz Fizz sherbet cones. I don't even really like sherbet, but the marshmellow with sprinkles is so unbelievably good. I haven't had one since last week. But I am missing them.

To say thank you to Steve and to Spring, Jon Boy and Russ for being my training guinea pigs, I bought four Domino's pizzas for $22.95. I forgot how epic Cheaper Tuesdays were. These also tasted a lot better than the six pizzas Jon once brought around to my house late one Friday night, which were mostly cold BBQ meatlovers.

Not really a purchase, but I updated my iPad to iOS8, and that was a stupid idea. My battery life is now pretty much non existent and I'm not that keen to take it away with me as a result. Seeing as data roaming charges are crazy stupid overseas, I usually take my iPad to avoid risking using my credit up on my phone. I still have some time to decide though. The tech guy on the ABC suggested backing it up, wiping the iPad completly and starting again. But, ain't nobody got time for that.

8. Can't my shirts iron themselves?
I have to iron a whole heap of stuff for tomorrow, and I really don't want to. Also, the worst thing about going away is having to tidy your house so it looks just as good when you come back.

9. Sunshine
It's a beautiful day here and I need to go and be part of it. I freaking love Fridays.

10. Silly Birchies
Stephen went to Maccas today for breakfast and didn't buy me anything because he thought I wouldn't be home from gym. Which is fine, I only really like their hashies (they changed the hot cake recipe) for breakfast. It strikes me a bit weird that he decided to get them on the way home from his healthy morning walk (a la John Howard), but whatever.I then realised it's the last day of term and for the last few years we have been together, I've usually made him a hot breakfast to celebrate. I think Morchelli's takeaway pizza will make up for it tonight though.

I may also have Stephen's boss a little confused as I announced this morning that "somewhere in the world it is almost Saturday", and he decided to send a text to Bob to tell him that truth and he wouldn't be in today. (All jokes. We aren't allowed to have the last day off school on contracts, otherwise there is no holiday pay.)

Heidi knows I'm going away tomorrow and is following me everywhere. Also, we got the world's swishest wedding invites for Nick and Melissah's wedding which I can't wait for.

11. My goals
My goals for the next month or so are as follows:
- Run some great training for GOLD and have a great time away
- Finish at least one crafty project (probably my Noah's Ark longstitch for my future - and non existent yet - child)
- Finish my Cert IV TAE
- Finally gain some type of employment in Radelaide
- Pass the Raw and Fresh Meat intake tests with MCRG
- Sleep less, play more
- Actually start doing some of my NY resos
- And finally, buy an amazing dress for Rhianna and Craig's wedding, because, well, bestie bridesmaid photos.