Thursday, 4 September 2014

GOLD Update: 23 days to go!

What a big week or so this has been for planning for the GOLD Project in the Cook Islands!

Last week I embarked on my first trip to Tasmania for a training and planning weekend. I met the other two ladies coming with me from Australia, Fiona and Amanda. We planned and talked and Skyped with the New Zealand girls who are also doing the project. It was an incredible weekend, and even our Patrol mascots got in on the action.

We are now in the process of booking flights and packing our bags!

Yesterday I spoke with a friend I have known since uni. We are two peas in a pod, but it is really hard trying to explain the project to other people outside of the project. Her question was "Is it as good as Schoolies?" We have both been vollies with the Green Team for a number of years, and that is an incredible mission experience.

Without hesitation I said yes... but it is also really hard to define a project within a movement that many people recognise. Compass did a really good doco about Girl Guides Australia which you can access here. I find it inspirational and learnt a lot from it too.

At this stage we are running training events for four nights. We are all running activities based on WAGGGS initiatives and mine is Stop the Violence. I need to actually download the curriculum and get on with being prepared. I plan to do some kind of trial run with my girls before I leave.

At this stage we are leaving on Saturday 27th September which also happens to be Grand Final Weekend. I'm not sure how this will work seeing as I'm married to a football nut, but it looks like I will be able to see my man (that's Ed Sheeran, not Stephen) perform seeing as the plane leaves about 4pm. We actually cross the dateline to get to Rarotonga, so we have two Saturdays but no Saturday the week after, as I will come home tired after lunch on Sunday.

I am so so so grateful to everyone who has helped me thus far. I'm incredibly moved by the Guiding Spirit, but also the willingess my friends and family have to be part of my adventures. Thank you world.