Monday, 25 August 2014

GOLD Update: One month to go!

I haven't done this for a while because there hasn't been a lot to update until now!

Fundraising efforts
I'm all for self funding trips, but over the weekend I held a stall at Round She Goes to cover a little of my expenses. Last time I did a g-sale as well, but with the craziness that is Term 3 Guides this time, I don't think it will be happening. I'm in the process of applying to travel funds to help support the trip, so hopefully we make some progress there.

Tasmania weekend!
I head off to Launceston to meet the Aussie half of the GOLD team and meet the NZ girls via Skype. I'm keen as beans! I've made little swap bags of goodies for the other girls because I'm crazy mad about badges. I may have also spent this morning straightening up badges on my camp blanket and using spray adhesive to keep them in place. I'm not pro glue + fabric, but everyone else seems to do it and doesn't suffer from Wonky Badge Disease (as I unfortunately do).

Just overwhelming support
To be honest, a lot of people in my little world are excited for me - Cook Islands doesn't sound half as scary as India, even though what I will be doing there will be a lot more hands on than my workshop week in Sangam. I think this is part of the reason I have a lot of support this time - some of the things I did while I was away were seemingly crazy enough not to even tell my parents until I got home (like being stranded at the airport for one thing). And although Cook Islands and India are both part of the Asia Pacific region, it seems a lot closer to home for us.

Last night at Guides Annie asked what they (as in my Unit) can send with me for the trip. The answer was wait and see! I'm hoping to be able to take a lot of odds and ends with me, and like Sangam, I'm expecting some seemingly odd requests. On a side note, I did take taco mix and ranch dressing to Sangam, it was on their most wanted list.

I'll start putting out the word soon enough.

Jamie and Penny have been smuggled out AGAIN.
Jamie the koala and Penny the platypus have been smuggled out from the Guide Hall in darkness to attend my visit to Launceston this weekend. I'm sure my friends from Sangam would love to see these two crazy critters (cue Amanti yelling 'JAAAAAAAAMIE!' from across the room) again. They are way too big for cabin luggage (yes, I do need two books, an ipad, a notebook, moneys and whole heap of other things that go in my cabin bag), but hopefully they can pose for some photos along the way.

In other Guiding news:
  • We have had some super happy and excited Girl Guides this week, but have also made a sad Guide a little happier, even for a brief amount of time. There may have been some disappointment when three girls were refused a whole bag of marshmallows, but seeing as they got half a bag and a block of chocolate, I think they did well.
  • I'm so close to finishing my Leadership Qualification and have been spending lots of time doing risk assessment for Unit meetings. You have to think of everything, and then what you think of isn't always to do with what you think you're thinking about. BLURGH!
  • Region leaders retreat is coming up next month, woohoo. It's at Halbury (yuck), but it will be grand to be with some fab ladies.
  • I've had a few people ask about what will happen when I go back to Adelaide, and honestly, it depends where we live and if I'm close to a unit that really needs leaders. I hope to be part of a Unit no matter where I am, but I also want to go somewhere that really needs me too.
  • I've been thinking about volunteerism a lot lately and I'll get to a blog about it soon enough.