Sunday, 24 August 2014

28 Fun Facts about Frizz

Been meaning to do this for awhile. Here's what to do: write down as many facts about you up to including how many years old you are. Fun times ahead.

I've tried very hard to make these actual new gems of information. Which is great if you have known me for awhile and kind of dumb if you actually don't know me.

1. Hello. My name is Lisa. I'm also known an Lis, Lissy and Frizz. You can find me under variations of FreeVerse and PopFunk (with random numbers at the end) because I love screen names. My students at MNCC still call me Miss Holbrook. I don't mind.

2. I am highly superstitious and look for 'signs' far too often. I treat other people who do the same with contempt, go figure.

3. I have a lucky shirt and have done since I was 15. I've only ever had good days in it.

4. I am incredibly loyal.

5. If there is a vanilla slice on offer anywhere I will eat it. Vanilla slice + Chittick's nibble pies... om nom nom.

6. Cookie Monster is my favourite character from Sesame Street.

7. I have 5 Kate Hill bags for travelling, because a) I travel a bit and b) I like to collect things.

8. Middle Island/Stingray Bay in my hometown of Warrnambool is my favouite place in the whole world.

9. As a child I would often read 6-10 books, mostly Baby Sitters Club ones, over a weekend.

10. I can't catch anything you throw at me. Don't worry,I'm not totally uncoordinated, I just have terrible eyes that can't estimate distance.

11. I hated uni, but I loved having a student lifestyle. I can't really explain why I didn't enjoy it, but part of it was because Tabor treated their students like they were three and then I went to UniSA which was much more academically rigorous,  but hard to make friends when you're doing a range of subjects with groups of students from all different stages of the course.

12. I pretty much only ever drink moscato, unless I'm at some work do and white wine is the only other choice.

13. Every few months I write out a list of my favourite people, not because I have unfavourited people, just because I like to remind myself how lucky and blessed I am to have such incredible friends.

14. I would walk 500 miles and another 500 more just to eat at Burger Theory.

15. My most embarrassing moment was sitting on a bag of nibblie pies outside Chittick's. I had put them on my seat because I didn't want to leave them on the roof and drive off with them on there. Squashed pies aren't as gross as they sound.

16. I have a cat, but I am really a dog person.

17. I hate walking! If there is an option to drive, bike or be piggy backed I will take it.

18. My most favourite year of my life was 2010. It was filled with lots of gym, lots of friends, Sunday breakfasts, beach walks and incredibly fun jobs.

19. I find it incredibly difficult to sleep in. While the sun is out, a person should be also.

20. Gift giving is one of my most favourite things to do. I don't always get it right, but few things excite me more than wrapping up presents.

21. I have a lot of trouble buying jeans. I tend to find ones I really like that never get made again.

22. If there was such a thing as a Frequent Coacher, I would have worked up tens of thousands of bus mileage points by now.

23. My favourite airline is Virgin Australia.

24. I am petrified of snakes.  I am always hyper alert about them on any warm and sunny day, in any rural setting and outside my house.  I cannot even be in a room with a picture of a snake without getting rid of it somehow.

25. I don't always know if I want to be a teacher because I feel that the career is less about educating and more about jumping through hoops and embracing the latest new whizz-bang idea they have to help kids learn. Keep it simple please.

26. I have green eyes, but for a really long time I wished I had electric blue ones. I still don't, but I like my eyes more now, because, well, you can't change them, except with contacts and contacts scare me senseless.

27. I'm one of those people who don't believe that a phone should also be a camera. But, if you feel that's the way to go, please black up photos somewhere because to lose 'sentimental photos' on your lost phone drives me slightly bananas.

28. I could quite happy do with no more nights out on the town for a really long time. I'm just a bit past it, and to be honest I'd rather stay home, drink moscato and watch MASH with my husband.