Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rob Fleming, mix tapes and Ghost World

I've only tried to reread an old favourite about 10 times, and only just finished it today. Why though? Being that High Fidelity is much closer to to life now, than, say Ghost World was a few years ago? Because my eyes and brain went a little silly skimming over all the artsits and their songs I didn't recoginse? That Rob points out that Simply Red is simply terrible one too many times? That Rob and Laura are the world's most boringest boring couple ever and really I don't want them to get back together?

No. Simply, Rob hasn't got his life together. Okay, so he owns a shop but he isn't happy, his girlfriend leaves him for someone else and he doesn't have much of a life because Laura took it all with her, including his friends. And about halfway through the book I stop and think - is it possible that I am Rob? Okay, so I'm married, and I don't have a shop, but I overthink everything and believe in pop music lyrics and don't have my life together. Or do I?

When I finished the book today, I suddenly thought of Ghost World, which I can't sit through anymore. So Enid is 18 and she has just failed school but has awesome friends and has a really bizarre relationship with Seymour. But, like High Fidelity, there the ending is far too open. Does she end up with Josh? Where does the bus take her? What is she going to do?

All this book reading and reflecting on fiction makes me grumpy, and suddenly I want to be moody and sit in a lifeguard tower like Marissa, a-la The OC. Seeing as Wallaroo has a pretty miserable beach with no tower to climb, or otherwise, there isn't much chance of that. And so, I have my abundance of lists and actual things I need to achieve. The other thing is, why be moody when you understand exactly what is happening to you? I'm biding my time. Not only has this been pointed out to me, and compared to other times in my life, namely my gap year, I know that there is little I can do to change my situation for now. Why care so much? I have a house, a husband, a cat, a finger in a few pies and a group of giggling Girl Guides I would do anything for (and actually sometimes do anything for). These are not things to be taken lightly or for granted. But, somehow I have managed to turn into Rob Fleming and sit at home making my own version of mix tapes.

And that's why I didn't want to read the book.