Thursday, 3 July 2014

Regrets and things I'll never say.

It's often been said that people regret the things they didn't do when they no longer have the opportunity to do them. I have very much taken this to heart, and after spending 24 hours in Radelaide, and doing my fair share of reflecftion of what my life used to be, I've decided that I don't really have any big regrets.

Okay, so I sometimes have what if moments. Thinking about the possibility of staying in Adelaide as opposed to teaching in the country is a huge what if, and one I consider often. And despite missing my adopted hometown and everything that goes with that (friends, family, favourite stores, my gym, late night bakery runs... you know what I mean), I wouldn't change the path I have taken. I had the opportunity to start my career straight after I was qualified to do so. I married Stephen. I've met lots of great people. I've seen more of our glorious state than what I had thought I would.

In terms of small regrets. I have a few. They're almost a bit raw, but I'll share them anyway.
I regret several missed opportunities to spend time with my friends. Namely a birthday party, a trip home and a night out at a pub.

I regret nasty things I have said. Especially as a teenager. But... teenager mentality. And I think I've made up with everyone I hurt. And also, I think they hurt me as much as I did them. Just as well really.

I regret losing things. The main thing I've lost is a favourite pair of earrings.

See, those aren't huge regrets.
My biggest mistakes have always led to much greater things. So I really can't hate on anything that has brought me joy, happiness, health or wealth. And a mistake is not a regret, not always.

Why write something like this though?
Because whenever I have a what if moment I need to remember these things. And seeing as this is a blog and it is my blog, well, I can kind of write whatever I want. I'm not perfect and I'm not trying to suggest that I'm awesome. Just that sometimes I am awesome and I need to remind myself of that.