Wednesday, 30 July 2014

GOLD 2014: Cook Islands baby!

Today I got some really exciting news - I'm part of the GOLD Team for Cook Islands this year!

GOLD is Guiding Overseas Linked with Development. It's made up of teams of six young women from 18-30. This GOLD project I've accepted a position in is the final year that Guides from Australia and New Zealand will be helping to revitalise Guiding in the Cook Islands. In exciting news for the island nation,  WAGGGS recentally made them full members at this year's World Conference.

I cannot believe how excited and crazily proud I am to be given this opportunity. As a young girl I never even thought about travelling with Guides or doing things outside my little old Warrnambool. Give a girl a Law and a Promise and she can do just about anything.

My Promise Ceremony in 1993. A cameo appearance from Matt on the RHS. He's pretty cute too.
That's it from me blowing my own trumpet. Though, sometimes someone's got to do it.

Things I'm excited about: meeting new Guides, international friendship (this is a Guiding tradition), seeing another country, my training weekend, training other Guides.

Things I'm nervous about: fundraising! training other Guides, cultural differences, doing things outside, anything to do with tying knots.

The one thing I'm stressed about: finding a woggle in Australian colours. Last time I borrowed Annie's - she has a vast collection - but I tend to get attached to things really quickly and need my own anyway.

Now I'm just waiting to hear more about the other girls on my team and whether I'll be going to Launceston or Melbourne for a training weekend in late August. I so want to go to Tassie, and yes, I'll even forsake the mother land (mother state?? not really sure) for that. Either way, wherever I end up, there will be rain.

I post a lot about Guides on my blog for a new reasons. Other than my loved ones, Guiding is one of the most important things in my life. I get back so much more than what I give, and that is a rare thing. It's steeped in tradition and yet it is pretty modern in the way it does things. I love being a Guide. But I also know that Guiding does need as much publicity as possible and that anything I can do to help archive experiences in an accessible way is really important. Okay, so I use this blog for more mundane things like book reviews and general life rants, but I'm happy sharing all of it all in the same place.

Getting MDGs/Advocay learning done at Sangam. Sure you can't see my face, but a bandana is kind of the same thing.
I am yet to find out if there is anything I can or should bring. Last time I left it a bit late to do a roundup of goodies to take to Sangam, but hopefully I can call on my extensive networks (aka the craft cupboard) to see if there are resources I can share.

Thank you, dear blog reader, for unwittingly entering into this next adventure with me. I promise it will be just as turbulent as last time, though this time I won't be flying with MAS. No offense guys, I just don't think you fly there.

If you want to read more about GOLD adventures, here's a traveller's tale for you.