Saturday, 14 June 2014

Why are we always looking backwards? All the other cool kids do it!

I saw a title of what I'm sure is a terrible article recemtly:

Was footy better in the 90s?

I didn't read it. I have read so many articles about the awesome stuff in the 90s from Buzzfeed that I no longer see references of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' as some kind of novelty. Surely the 90s is recent enough that w don't need to be looking back at thinking 'Oh, the good old days'. Of course, the 'naughties', or at least the years from 2000-2009 are already been seen in a similar way.

I admit I love 90s stuff. I love 90s nights at the Hilton and Swish (sorry, Viva), and all the other dozens of places that host them. But a few too many 5ive replays and my head starts to hurt. What's cool about these nights out is that during the 90s we listened to these songs as children, and certainly couldn't go out dancing to BSB at the ripe old age of 13. So, some could say, we are making the most of it.

But should we?

Some commentators mention the lack of anything that isn't especially mainstream - there seems to be either pop, pop or more pop, even those the 90s were the age of grunge - makes this 90s flashback phase unauthentic.. Others have said that Gen Ys are crazy to be looking back fondly as their childhood television shows. Those tick lists appear randomly saying things like "We grew up with Harry Potter". "Streetlights were our curfew." Gen Xers think we are crazy, and just not really ready to be so nostalgic.

We probably are. I mean, we are now in 2014. I was almost fourteen at the turn of the millennium - that's half my lifetime. Also, I have very vivid memories of the 80s Lunch hour on 3YB in 1994. Part of the issue seems to stem from the fact that Gen Ys are able to access a lot of their good old days online. You can watch whole seasons and series of television shows online. You can download music easily without having to hunt them down at Capricorn Records and get reprimanded for not buying a U2 single when it was released (and not three years later - true story). You can easily locate friends from school using social media. We are doing what every generation has done before us in a completely different way. We are transparent about it, and that is the difference.

For awhile there I was really obsessed with stuff from my childhood. This happened at a really crappy time of my life and I found myself rereading old books, listening to "my" music and watching old television shows. Fortunately my brother set me straight and told me to move on. I have tried so very hard to stop reminiscing and get my head out of my "old time" stories. I have succeeded beyond my expectations. But I still like these girls: