Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Gumnut Guides: Part of Lisa's Guiding History Lesson.

Last night we had a Girl Guide event called 'Back to Guiding and Scouting'. Lots of the girls have parents and grandparents who were part of the Movement, and we are often inundated with historical goodies the girls bring on seemingly random occasions. I LOVE learning about Guiding History. I wrote up a little poster for the girls about my time at Gumnut Guides. Enjoy.

When I was 7 I joined Gumnut Guides in Warrnambool.

Some of our activities were:

  •  Craft and cooking
  •  Service (like Clean Up Australia and fetes for Guides)
  • Walks and hikes
  • Excursions to different coastal areas around Warrnambool
  • Learning first aid skills
  • Dad and Daughter night (we had a lot of nights mums were invited to help, I guess they thought the dads were missing out!)

We had to pay a 50 cents each week for Unit fees. We all had a little dilly bag to put our money in, look after the prayer book and take crafts home. We were given a few badges from other countries, and also were given badges for special things we did, like an event with Scouts or when the Brownies came to visit us.

Our uniform was a tunic with the Gumnut Guides logo on it. The leaders looked after our tunics each week and we couldn’t always wear the same one. I always wanted to be early so I could get my favourite  pink tunic.

At the end of the night we would stand on the Brownie Ring and Sing the Gumnut Guides song:

We are Gumnut Guides, Gumnut Guides, listen to us sing.
Gumnut Guides, Gumnut Guides dancing in a ring.
We will try to care and share, you will find us everywhere.
Gumnut Guides, Gumnut Guides, listen to our song.
Gumnut Guides, Gumnut Guides, helping all day long

My favourite leader was Pinkisa. All out Guide Leaders had Guiding Names, most of them were to do with flora.

Each week a girl would take turns of bringing home the Gumnut Guide Prayer Book. We would write a special prayer in it and bring it back the next week.

For a few weeks we learned about fire safety. The leaders would put some paper designed to look like fire somewhere in the hall and we would have to leave safely. I found this a bit scary because it seemed very real! Dad was not amused by my sudden fire freak out one day, I don't think he realised I was a little bit petrified of this activity.

One penny hike we stopped off at our leader’s house and made a bird feeder for winter. We coated pinecones with peanut butter and used spoons to spread bird seed on them. This was a night which Mum came along to, and we often made these bird feeders afterwards.

After Gumnut Guides, which was a Friday night, Mum would take my brother and I to McDonald’s for a soft serve cone.

I had two friends at Gumnuts, Sherry and Kirsty. Kirsty and I made our Promise together when we became Brownies. We had lots of different girls come to visit us at Gumnuts, but they didn’t always stay. Because we were a younger unit we didn't go on camps or have sleepovers, but we were day visitors for a Brownie Camp once.

I loved being a Gumnut Guide!