Friday, 9 May 2014

Lisa and Matt go to see the Young Endeavour

This one time me and my brother went to see the Young Endeavour. It were sitting there, in the Lady Bay with the waves gently rocking against it.

Gran thought we would be soooooooo excited. “It is Captain Cook’s ship he sailed on to Australya,” she explained. 

“Gran, it isn’t his real boat is it?”

“No, it’s not his real boat. Lots of young people work on it.”

“What’s wrong with real sailors?”  I ask.

“Nothing’s wrong with them Lissy, it is just a special boat for teenagers.” Gran sat on the beach while Matt and I flung wet sand at each other on the beach.

Matt said that when he grew up, he would work on the Young Endeavour too. Matt also wanted to be a Ninja Turtle and a park ranger, he would be very busy.

We turned out back on the big boat. It didn’t seem quite right that it was hogging our beach. This was the place we came to to ride our boogie boards and play in the little rippling waves. Once I met my friend George here. He had a brand new boogie board too. George was cool. His mum and dad owned a fish n chip shop. My dad installed antennas so  people could watch all the good stations, not just ABC and Channel Nine. Gran watched Channel Nine and it was sooooooo boring. The only good 
thing on there was the man with an eye patch on ‘Days of Our Lives’.

Other people we liked who had eye patches:
1.       John Wayne, Matt’s favourite actor. He liked his cowboy movies mostly. I thought they were boring boys things so I never watched them.
2.       Garfield, when he went Trick or Treating in a Halloween cartoon. Mum wouldn’t let us go Trick or Treating, but if we did I know we would get lotsa lollies from our May. (Matt would get more than me coz May liked Matt the best.)
3.       Captain Hook. And maybe Captain Cook if he had an eye patch which I don’t reckon he did.
4.       Me. I wore an eye patch once when I hurt my eye.

Me and Matt were sick of looking at the big ship and throwing sand at each other. Gran was nodding off while sitting on the beach, so we ran over and waked her up.

“Didja see the big boat?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was so so so cool. Go boat go!”

“Isn’t it a ship?” I asked. Mrs Tucker told us that boats were little and ships were big.

“Yes Lissy, it is a ship.” Matt pouted in my direction. “But some people call ships boats Matty.” Gran reached into her handbag and pulled out a Deco container filled with Top Deck chocolate. She gave two to me, two to Matt and kept one for herself. We watched the waves strike the boat, the sugary chocolate filling my mouth like a little lava explosion.