Saturday, 26 April 2014

Things I no longer hear... at least for now.

Now I don't work in classrooms, here's a list of things I don't hear anymore:

1. Anything about boy bands, X-Factor stars, reality TV.

2. I hate my brother/sister rants.

3. Highly embarrassing stories about what a student's parents did on the weekend.

4. Fart jokes.

5. My name suddenly taking twenty second to say: Mrs Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurch (PS - I am being phonetic, I can spell my own name).

6. "Mrs Birch, why are you wearing/eating/drinking that?"

7. "Do I have to?"

8. "I've lost my drink bottle/book/pen/jumper... and my mum is gonna kill me! "

Yes, that is me carrying a sword on the RHS while working at St Martins.
9. "Have you seen  ____?" (insert name of inappropriate show - it can be a children's programme or Mrs Brown's Boys, I've been asked about almost everything.)

10. "Sorry, sorry, MISS Holbrook." (Yes, I do correct children. It's a name, get it right. They complain when I don't get the correct pronunciation of Shayanne/Cheyene/Shanae right).

11. "My mum always says that."

12. "When is it lunch time?"

13. "You're the best teacher."
Yes, the only one I miss ins Number 13, even if it is only said because I've given a reward - which is 99% of the time.