Sunday, 13 April 2014

Debunking the God Moments Myth

Have you you ever had one of those d&ms with someone about God? Or a quick chat that turns into a serious prayer session? How about some unexplained act of kindness?

If you've spent some time in the church you might be familar with the term "God Moments". I don't know who made this concept of God Moments up, but it seems to be a way of us identifying that something spiritual has happened when we least expect it. I've also heard the term "Sneaky Jesus" in replacement of the "God Moments" - when Jesus seems to have crashed your woe is me party just when you needed it most. Another popular Pentecostal idea is 'being in the presence of God" in "the house".

I don't want to be negative about other people's spiritual experiences, but let's look at some of these notions and about why I don't really like them.

I remember very vividly scoffing at one of my friends who had came back from church camp who said "And God was just there!" I have felt really bad in my response (which, for the record, "but God is everywhere!" was my reply) for a really long time. However, this is what this little post is about. If God is everywhere, He is part of every facet of our lives. Why are we so surprised when He seems to show up?

In Bible College we were warned against waiting for the next big event to help boost our spiritual lives. As someone who loathes camps, this spoke to me as I knew so many people who this was a huge thing. For me I lived for Christian concerts and rallies because they had all had a significant impact on my life. Other than events, we long for church, for fellowship, for the 'God Stuff'. Why is it so hard to identify that God is with us, even when we are unaware? Is it because God is intentional, even when we are not?

During His time on Earth, Jesus Christ was the most intentional man (and also Son of God) to walk among people. He healed the sick, He predicted his own death and His friend's denial of their relationship, He shared his beliefs through parables which spoke to people where they were at. Nothing about the man or mission of Jesus Christ implies He was there for a 'moment' or that he was sneaky about his interactions with others.

Really, the problem lies with how we choose to see Jesus. Is He there on Sundays at Church or during an unexpected meeting? Yes. He is also there when you are washing the dishes, or crying on the couch, or eating pizza with good friends. Should we be awaiting God Moments, or should we be expecting God Moments to be a lifelong portion of time?

I guess what's what the debunking of the myth is about - simply highlighting who Jesus was and how He is present all the time - even when we don't realise it.