Friday, 14 February 2014

Lisa's Reality Check Weight Loss Checkin: Week 3

Okay, so I haven't written anything for Weeks 1 or 2, but here is what I wrote on my Facebook after I had busted through Week 1:

 Hello world.
It's been a week since I stopped my favourite food consumption of chips, chocolate and bread.
I have been feeling miserable for a long time and recently someone decided to host a one-person intervention on my lifestyle.
I can't make any promises. I'm simply taking everything one day at a time. I have all the answers and the knowledge. I just need to put them into practice. Seriously, do not give me advice, I don't want it or need it.
For those of you have only known me for a year or two, I haven't always been this way. I looked a lot more like this girl in the photo (coz that's me). But for a long time I haven't acknowledge that she doesn't look like me anymore. I've eaten my way happily through my teaching career thinking I was 20 kg lighter. And that's changing as of last Monday. No one is to blame apart from me. No excuses.
Anyway. I'm sorry to everyone I have let down. I have had some amazing trainers, and some people who have stood by me when I least deserved it. I will prove you right. And I'll prove the rest of the world wrong.

But why?
Well, other than hating almost all photos of myself and not recognizing my own reflection, I am also pretty serious about roller derby. I think roller derby should be taken seriously. League bouts should feature in the sports pages of newspapers, not the feature sections. Okay, so lots of derby girls and guys do wear some outrageous things, but everyone is there because they meet skill guidelines, practice as much, or more often, than other "social" clubs and are serious about the sport. My dream is to one day play for the ADRD. I will be a lot better if I am fit and lighter. But because I have mental toughness, stamina and endurance when it comes to fitness, I have thought it is okay to rest on my laurels. Not anymore.

Okay, so usually this is the bit where the person writing the post makes some outrageous claims about how they lost weight. So far I have lost 2.4kg, which isn't bad considering I had two "cheat" days last weekend, instead of a cheat meal. There is a reason I won't talk too much about that: because what I'm doing isn't actually that complicated.

My mantra has been "one day at a time". So keeping that in mind here is what I'm doing:
1. Three square meals a day.
2. My snacks during the day are a very small handful of almonds (about 10).
3. Drinking lots of water.
4. Not eating after 7pm (unless it is dinner).
5. Not eating food I know is bad for me.

Some things people mess up on a lot is reading a book and letting the author decide what is right or wrong for you. Here's the thing: knowing your body is really hard, however I know a lot about what makes me put on weight easily and what doesn't. Sometimes that is hard, because most of my favourite things are bad for me. In other people, those food are good.

In terms of exercise, I've been to the gym a few days a week and have tried to be active in ways I enjoy.There are heaps of things I don't like - walking (however, I did go for a walk on Monday and it wasn't half bad), Step (sore feet) and running (again, sore feet). But I like going on the bike at gym, boxing, Attack classes, weights and skating. Old Lisa (not the Lisa pictured) used to make herself do stuff because it was meant to be "good for her". But mentally this wasn't fair. I don't like 6am starts for Boot Camp, and I hate always being the last one to do laps around the oval. So I'll do stuff I enjoy. It's not that hard.

 Before my wedding and well into last year I tried a whole bunch of different ways to lose weight:
1. Protein shakes
I wish I never met these buggers. Now I think that unless I did an hour of cardio and an hour of high intensity training, I wouldn't touch them. But they are yummy and I used to love them.
2. Food diaries
The only way I have enjoyed doing food diaries is having My Fitness Pal installed on my iPad. It automatically counts calories for you and tells you things like "If every day was like this, you would weigh ___". Go me. I don't like being accountable to trainers or some book because I don't get enough out of it straight away. My Fitness Pal = instant gratification that I did well.
3. Celebrity Slim
I lost about 4-5kg on Celeb Slim shakes, BUT that was only according to the scales. I think it was mostly water. Also they are expensive and only the chocolate ones taste nice.
4. Visiting a naturopath
I was having stress related chest pains and wanted to lose weight so a naturopath put me on the anti-candida diet. I had no energy, could eat a whole bunch of food which wasn't good for me and felt tired and grumpy. When we were in NZ I broke my stupid diet and felt a whole heap better.
5. Personal Trainers
I had an awesome trainer in Port Pirie and I lost about 4kg before my wedding and gained a lot of muscle. But she wasn't fixated on my weigh loss, she really wanted be to be a much fitter and healthier person and she made every session fun. I have had a lot of PT sessions over the last 7 years and other than a few notable exceptions, she really made a difference.
6. Signing up to a gym that is too far away.
Seriously, don't do this ever. Why? You'll hardly ever go and when you do it feels like a chore. I loved my gym in Adelaide, but I never should have kept up my membership once I left. I miss it so much, but it isn't worth the money or the mental energy I was putting in to get there.

Before I finish, I'd like to just point out something I don't often say. I did my Cert III in Fitness back in 2011. I have never studied so hard for something in my academic years. Lots of PTs have trainers. I don't have one yet because a) I have only just started working and b) good trainers are too hard to find. So I guess, what I'm saying is, I'm not giving advice to anyone, other than writing this blog post for my own pleasure. And, also, I know my stuff. Lots of people who train a lot know their stuff too, but I'm qualified to give myself some general advice about nutrition and exercise.

Stay tuned. More coming your way... sometime soonish.