Wednesday, 25 December 2013

These are a few of my favourite things.

Only things I love all the time make it to this list.

1. Dr Marten Boots
I have wanted Docs since I was about 12, and owned my own pair at 15 (I even got my first job for that one and only reason), and have worn them ever since. Why are they awesome? Yellow stitching, almost impenetrable soles, they look cool and go with almost everything. Even skirts.

2. diet Coke
I know diet Coke is full of bad rubbishy stuff, and I don't drink it half as much as I used to. To me, nothing beats a big glass of diet Coke any time of year. I don't enjoy it as much from cans, but I'm not really too fussy.

3. Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon never gets old. Totally quotable and rewatchable, anyone who has been to visit me in my old house in Lockleys was probably exposed to this ridiculous movie.

4. Popcorn
I love microwaved popcorn, air popped popcorn and popcorn made in olive oil. It is perfect with diet Coke, for movie dates and when reading long letters or trashy teenage novels.

5. Hot pink
There are few colours better than hot pink. But it is very girly, so I have tried to curb my enthusiasm when it cokes to interior decoration.

6. BodyAttack
I don't care what anyone says, Attack in the best class ever. So much cardio, so many good tunes. So much running and jumping.

7. Gold Coast
If it were up to me, I'd go to the GC every school holidays. As you can see, I am a creature of habit. I like fast rides, late night shopping, neon sides and tourist traps. Give me Surfers Paradise any old day.

8. Singing
I sing every day. I'm not a great singer, but practice makes sometimes better. Singing also makes me incredibly happy and I love music. It just makes sense for me to sing... a lot.

9. The stage
I love performing. I'm not a triple threat in any way, shape or form, but I've had the acting bug since I was 11. While my hopes were considerably dashed in the few ensemble stuff I have done in school (blurgh), what I have discovered is that having traditional training (elocution for me) is never ever a bad thing and can be used all the time.  Not only can I project my voice, I never get stage fright. Being in Guys and Dolls has really confirmed what I always thought - the best people to work with are in it for the whole team, not just themselves.

10. Craft
I'm always making, collecting, baking and gifting. Even when I've been broke, I've always managed to come up with something to give or make. I'm trying to craft every day, even when I'm bust... it is relaxing and stimulates the mind.