Saturday, 28 December 2013

Gone into Heiding OR: Help, I lost my darn cat.

This is Heidi.

Heidi gets lost a lot. And when I say lost, I lose her somewhere in the house. Heidi always knows where she is, and there have only been two occasions in which Heidi needed to be rescued - once when I locked her in the kitchen cupboard and once when she was a kitten and was too scared to jump off the wardrobe.

Earlier this week, Heidi was lost again, only this time at my Mum and Dad's house. she got into the recliner and stayed there. Before they knew where she was, I was in a panic until Stephen said that she is called Heidi because she likes hiding. True. When I adopted my kitty cat, they explained how much she loves hiding, hence having the name of a human. So Heidi kept her name and it has really suited her ever since.

I have never really been a cat person. I love dogs, and we never had cats while I was growing up. On the other hand, Stephen is the cat whisperer. Cats love him for some reason. Admittedly I had a few mistakes with Heidi, including vacuuming my house the first day I got her and making her have cuddles with me on the couch. We have now got all that worked out.

So, in case you didn't know, because I certainly didn't cats have a whole bunch of other senses, which is the purpose of my blog today. Here is a bunch of examples when Heidi has used her fifth sense (responding to things humans do), and where I have found her. Who knows, maybe this will help someone who can't find their cat anywhere. Enjoy.

When packing to go a small distance: Heidi has worked this one out, and usually hides under the bed, and then will run from one end of the bed to the other in the hope I won't catch her. I'm sure she knows because usually I only pack a small bag.

There have been a couple of times when I have left my place to go to Stephen's (before we were married obviously), and Heidi actually wanted to go, and would wait wherever her cat carrier was located. Sometimes I hadn't planned on taking her (including a day when I was running late to an exam), so I have said "if you want to go, you can't run away", and she'll happily be packed up. We never do this anymore... which is great.

When packing to go on a big holiday: Heidi will find the most squashiest corner and hide there in hope she doesn't have to come. I have learned that if you feed your cat and leave her in a small space (she has always had 'her room' in the laundry), it is a lot less stressful for everyone.

When there are thunderstorms: There are two places Heidi likes to be in thunderstorms - somewhere dark or next to me. I once came home during a terrible electrical storm to find her hiding in a green bag with the soup tins in the kitchen cupboard (she loved that cupboard). My non-cuddle cat was quite happy to be cuddled that night. Sometimes it's okay for cats to be a big sook.

When people come to stay: Heidi loves being under the bed, the dressing table or in the bottom of the wardrobe in the bedroom. I figure it's because no one other than us go in there. However, once the scary people have gone to sleep, Heids will then walk around and stare at them. She's a bit creepy.

When loud people come to visit: Heidi once made herself squahed between the wall and the bed and we couldn't find her for ages. That was pretty scary.

Other places we have found Heidi: corners of rooms, behind cupboards, on the wardrobe, on top of the wardrobe in a banana box (her favourite hiding place in Balaklava), in the TV unit shelf, green bags, linen press, on top of the beanbags, under tables and under couches.

Having said all that, Heidi really only goes into hiding now when she's a bit scared or knows something different is going on. Most of the time she's staring out of windows, hogging the couch or being just plan obnoxious. But how can you not love her? She's adorable.