Wednesday, 25 December 2013

10 Best Things about Best Friends

I was pretty lucky when I met this lady back in February 2005.

Spring and I were pretty much instant friends, she had cool stationery and I had a swag of coolness (okay, maybe I wasn't really that cool).

Since those YITS days, Spring has been with me in the crappy times and the absolutely awesome times. I had close friends in school, but never a long term BFF. In honour of that, here is my list of the 10 Best Things about Best Friends.

1. You can always count on someone else having your back.
Literally and otherwise.
I'm pretty lucky that Spring is assertive and fiercely loyal to people she loves. And I wouldn't want to be on her bad side either.

2. Even when you don't agree on stuff, you can forget about it.
When it comes to the world of social networking where "friends" happily fight with one another, it's nice to know there are still a few people who won't mind if you don't agree with their opinion.

3. Best friends don't always have to explain things.
Ranting or not, once you know someone pretty well, the need to explain why you are narky about things fades very quickly.

4. You can wear your dressing gown for photos and that's okay.
You need to see Facebook photos for that.

5. Time is pretty much irrelevant.
Back in 2005 I was time poor and couldn't understand how Spring was usually late when I was usually far too early for shopping dates or whatever.This used to drive me nuts. But then I realised that just like you can't change boys, you can't change best friends.

6. Best friends say "I know!" a lot.
Sure, some best friends can be complete opposites. But the ladies I'm closest too often respond in the affrimative when something is right or wrong. Great minds truly do think alike.

7. You can be apart for months and nothing changes.
Best friends can pick up where they left off. Some people are naturally good at this, others not so much. Distance and time away hasn't changed our friendship too much, other than not being able to drop everything and eat pancakes at 3am.

8. You can talk for hours about nothing.
Spring and I have had the same conversations over and over again. And this doesn't matter, because obviously what is is said needs to be spoken about. And let's face it, when talk about the same stuff because it it is interesting.

9. You know the extremes.
Quite often I know what will annoy Spring no end, and things she will love which make no logical sense to me. Part of this is that best friends invest time in their friendship because they are alike. Each of us are adventurous, but in very different ways. Also, Spring hates all you can eat places.

10. You can't imagine life without them.
Before I had really close friends, I didn't understand that life without your friends is unimaginable. The idea that there wouldn't be someone to call or text when you hear something outrageously silly (YaWay being my recent favourite) does scare me a little. But for a long time, I used to think 'I was the only one'. But I'm not. And that's the saving grace of friendships.