Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Something about love.

Last week I watched a video about a couple, Ian + Larissa. It was about the challenges they face and about love. You can watch it here.

What got to me, as I read their blog tonight is that they are both only a year older than I am and have been through so much. Ian + Larissa were at college the same time I was, but our paths are completely different. Could I do what Larissa does every day?

I'd like to say yes but I would also like to say no.

Yes, because:

We spend our lives getting up to crazy antics.

And even though I might get really annoyed when Stephen nags me for Panadol after tennis or wants me to buy obscure items for school (this includes a tarp, farm animals, lollies that can't be chocolate and so on), I miss him when he is gone and love him all the same. And Stephen has also put up with my strange behaviour without asking questions (late night reading, questionable hoarding and insisting on baking dessert during winter).

I also want to say no too.

Saying no recognizes the extent families go to when caring for their loved ones. I am constantly amazed at the strength women and men display consistently for years.

More than anything though, the video and the blog challenged me to look back at of vows. Now, I don't have a copy of what we said ready to type down, but I know the gist of it.  When I saw the video I wanted to drive to work and give Stephen a big hug. But I may have cleaned the house pretty thoroughly instead.

Love shouldn't be easy, but it isn't difficult to love. It's the act of being loving, even when it is hard, boring, tiring and demanding that makes love happen.